YINGYU47GEGAOJIJUXING:with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard/A lays a solid foundation for B/People may have different opinions onDENGDENG。

  1. with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard SUIZHERENMINSHENGHUOSHUIPINGDEXIANZHUTIGAO

嘉年华彩票注册平台  2. In contemporary society, it is becoming increasingly common that people+ZHIGUANDEXIANXIANG(TONGGUOCONGJUBIAODA),HUOfor some people(KEYIXIHUAJUTIDECANYUZHE)to do sthTIMUZHONGDEZHONGXINSHIJIAN,which has aroused deep social concern.

  3. A exert/have/bring about/exercises an undeniably beneficial/positive/far-reaching/favorable

detrimental/negative/adverse/harmful influence/effect/impact on B.

嘉年华彩票注册平台    4.A lays a solid foundation for B.

  5. A plays a /significant/indispensable/decisive/fundamental/crucial/irreplaceable role in B.

嘉年华彩票注册平台  6.A is of vital importance to B.

嘉年华彩票注册平台  7. The topic/ issue of whether S +V +O as/since/ in that it originates from/ comes from sth.

嘉年华彩票注册平台  8. The problem of sth. is no longer restricted within sth. but more severe in the aspect of sth.

  9. There are three reasons for this.

嘉年华彩票注册平台  10. The reasons for this are as follows.

  11. The reason for this is obvious.

嘉年华彩票注册平台  12. The reason for this is not far to seek.

嘉年华彩票注册平台  13 The reason for this is that...

嘉年华彩票注册平台  14.From what has been discussed above,we may safely drawthe conclusion that......

  15.In summary, it is wiser......

嘉年华彩票注册平台  16. Only in this way can we have a better and brighter future.(CICHUBIXUYONGDAOZHUANGJUYIDINGJIZHU)

嘉年华彩票注册平台  17. Just imagine how great the world would be if only we…

嘉年华彩票注册平台  18. I believe a happy and bright future is awaiting us if we can …

嘉年华彩票注册平台       19. Reading this famous saying, we can naturally perceive its connotation that+MINGYANJINGJUDENEIHAN

  20. This famous saying conveys a universal fact/phenomenon that+MINGYANJINGJUDENEIHAN

  21. It is vividly/clearly depicted in the picture that+TUHUAZHONGDERENWU、HUAYUHUOSHIJIAN

嘉年华彩票注册平台  22. Given is a simple/ironical but thought-provoking/enlightening picture/cartoon, in which+TUHUAZHONGDERENWU、HUAYUHUOSHIJIAN

  23.What is clearly described in the drawing above is that+TUHUAZHONGDERENWU、HUAYUHUOSHIJIAN

  24.The cartoon subtly and symbolically depicts a thought-provoking scenario in which+TUHUAZHONGDERENWU、HUAYUHUOSHIJIAN

  25. People's views on……vary from person to person. Some hold that……However, others believe that……(RENMENDUI……DEGUANDIANYINRENERYI,YOUXIERENRENWEI……RANERQITARENQUERENWEI……)

  26. People may have different opinions on……(RENMENDUI……KENENGHUICHIYOUBUTONGJIANJIE)

  27. Attitudes towards ……vary from person to person.==Different people hold different attitudes towards……(RENMENDUIDAI……DETAIDUYINRENERYI)

  28. There are different opinions among people as to……(DUIYU……RENMENDEGUANDIANDABUXIANGTONG)

  29. It is high time that we put an end to the (trend).(GAISHIWOMENTINGZHIZHEIYIQUSHIDESHIHOULE)

  30. There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of……(HAOWUYIWEN,DUI……WENTIYINGYUYIZUGOUZHONGSHI)

  31. Obviously ,if we want to do something … it is essential that……(XIANRAN,RUGUOWOMENXIANGYAOZUOMESHI,HENZHONGYAODESHI……)

嘉年华彩票注册平台  32. Only in this way can we ……(ZHIYOUZHEIYANG,WOMENCAINENG……)

  33. Spare no effort to + V (BUYIYULIDE)

嘉年华彩票注册平台  34. We should take some effective measures.WOMENYINGGAICAIQUYOUXIAOCUOSHI

嘉年华彩票注册平台  35. We should try our best to overcome/conquer the difficulties.WOMENYINGGAIJINZUIDANULIQUKEFUKUNNAN

  36. We should do our utmost in doing sth.WOMENYINGGAIJINLIQUZUO……

  37. We should solve the problems that we are confronted/faced with.WOMENYINGGAIJIEJUEWOMENMIANLINDEKUNNAN


嘉年华彩票注册平台        Different people have different views on opportunity. Some people think that there are few opportunities in the world, while others argue that everybody will have some kind of opportunity along his life route.

嘉年华彩票注册平台       39. Those who…JUXING

       Those who are in favor of the Internet claim that it has a lot of advantages.

嘉年华彩票注册平台       40. DAOZHUANGJU

嘉年华彩票注册平台       Only when all of us join in the efforts of eliminating cheating at all levels can we expect to have a cleaner society and a more beautiful future.


       He will make the right choice if he knows his goal in life and how to make decisions according to the goal.

嘉年华彩票注册平台       42.QIANGDIAOJU

       First of all, the main financial support comes from parents and other family members. For all the years it is they who give the student courage and determination to hold on and excel.

嘉年华彩票注册平台       43. FANWENJU

       How shall I sum up my feeling upon hearing the news of this new test?


嘉年华彩票注册平台       so…that…, so that, such…that…

嘉年华彩票注册平台       45. RANGBUZHUANGYUCONGJU

       To begin with, although you may feel anxious to finish the work when the deadline is drawing near, it doesn’t mean you can finish your job with high quality.

        46. not (never)… until…

嘉年华彩票注册平台        We can never wish to realize our dream of a cleaner and more beautiful environment until all of us take actions to build, protect and take care of it.

嘉年华彩票注册平台        47. There is no such thing as…

嘉年华彩票注册平台        Taking all these factors into consideration, we may safely come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as destined fate in our life.